The theme: At the doctor’s

Қызылорда облысы Қармақшы ауданы А.Жанпейісов атындағы №105 мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі  Құттыбаева Нұргүл Жеңісбекқызы


Form: 7 A

The theme: At the doctor’s

The aims: Talking about illnesses and their treatment. Practicing conversations between a doctor and patient

The visual aids:

The type of the lesson: mixed

The outline of the lesson

  1. Org moment
  2. greeting
  3. checking up attendance
  4. Checking up homework

Exersises 7 at.p 100

III. Warm-up

Find the letters

E­­_r,  _and,  e_e,  hea_,   thr_at,   _air,  f_nger,  l_p, _eg,  mou_h,  to_th.

  1. Presentation of the new lesson

Headache — [hedeik] – бас ауруы


  1. Doing exercises

Ex: 1. Write when people do the following:

  1. A) go to the dentist; When they have a toothache
  2. B) drink warm milk with honey; When they have a cold
  3. C) Call a doctor; When they have a temperature
  4. D) go to bed early and rest; When they are tired
  5. E) take some aspirin; When they have a headache
  6. F) don’t drink coffee or tea; When they have a insomnia.


Ex: 2. Complete the chart with an illness or a symptom.


I’ve got a cold.I cough and sneeze. My nose is runny
I’ve got flu.I’ve got a temperature. My whole body aches. I feel awful
I’ve got a sore throat.It hurts when I swallow
I’ve twisted my ankleIt hurts when I walk.


Ex: 4. Read the text. Check the meanings of the new words in your dictionary.

Treating a Patient


Ex: 5. Read the text again and complete the chart.








Ex: 7. Read the conversation between Tom and his teacher Miss White.


Ex: 8. Read and complete the letter.

  1. Giving homework.

Ex: 9. Look at the pictures. What’s wrong with the children?


YII. Putting  marks.

YIII. The end of the lesson.