The theme: Astana

Date:13.03.2014                                        Forms:5

The theme: Astana

The aims of the lesson:

Bring up:Conduct practice in speech activity: monologic and dialogical, listening;be able to carry out an imaginary tour of Astana;to carry out practical work in groups;

to intensify known to students vocabulary on the topic “Capital”

Educational:to develop love and pride for his capital, friendship;

to foster respect for the history of the capital.

Developing: to develop thinking, creativity, initiative in the implementation of foreign language speech activity; an increase in the share of independent work at home or at school;

to develop interdisciplinary connected with history and cognitive interests of the students.

The methods  of teaching: 1.Practical  2. Reproductive  3.Visual

Types of teaching:

  1. work with text

2.Work at the dialogues

  1. Work at grammar
  2. Work at pronunciation
  3. Answer- question work

The visual aids: interactive board, cards, pictures

The Plan of the lesson

  1. Organization moment
  2. Greeting
  3. Checking up the hometask
  4. New lesson
  5. Warm up
  6. Work with text
  7. Talk to your partner
  8. Trip to Astana
  9. Conclusion
  10. Giving hometask
  11. Marking
  12. The end of the lesson

The course of the lesson

-Good morning pupils! How are you? I am glad to see you?


What season is it now?

What month is it now?

What date is it today?

What day is it today?

What  holiday  we celebrated ago last three days?


Let’s begin the lesson. I want you to be more active and show your knowledge of English lesson

Today we’ll work on a very interesting theme.

Warm up.Look at the blackboard answer the questions

T: What is the capital of our country?

Where will be EXPO-2017?

What do you know about Astana?

Pupil 1: Astana is the capital of our country.

Pupil 2: Astana is the most beautiful city in the world.

Pupil 3: Astana is famous for the Baiterek Tower.

Pupil 4: Astana was twelve years old in 2010.

Pupil 5: Astana became the capital in 1998.

Pupil 6: Astana is the place where our President lives.

Pupil 7: Astana is the city where I would like to live.

We’ll learn a lot of interesting things about Astana.

Let’s us we  are looking presentation about Astana

Listen and read,translate

Now pupils look at the blackboard and listеn  to the text then read and translate

Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. The capital of Kazakhstan is in the center of Eurasia. Astana is situated in Central Kazakhstan, on the river Ishim, within Akmola Oblast. It was renamed several times, until 10 January 1997 it was called Akmola, and in 1998 was renamed into Astana It is  big and modern. The population of the city is over 800 thousand people. Astana is a centre for business and for tourism. It’s a very big and beautiful city. There are so many interesting and wonderful showplaces! A lot of people visit Astana for sightseeing. Baiterek is the symbol of the city, and from it you can see the whole city. There are also a lot of theatres, cinemas and stores. Astana is a young city, but it’s very developing city… Astana has a continental climate with cold winters and warm summers. January is the coldest month. July is the hottest.

Ok pupils we finished the text and now we doing tasks

Which food do you want  to eat? Choose and  run the task. The task  will be done  in 3 degrees.

Answer the questions

  1. Where is situated Astana?
  2. What’s the weather like in Astana?
  3. How many population in Astana?
  4. When was renamed into Astana?

True (T)  or False ( F)

1.      Astana is situated in Central Kazakhstan
2.      The population of the city is over 600  thousand people
3.      It’s a very big and beautiful city
4.      July is the hottest month in Astana
5.      January is the warmest  month in Astana


Translate in English


Big- ?????

Beautiful-  ?????

January- ??????

July — ?????

Read . Do you know them?(work with pictures)

The monument of Baiterek,  the  Akhorda,The Knan Shatyr, Nur-Astana mosque,  Independence  Palace. Astana-Arena stadium

Talk to your friend  

Example:  Where would you like to go? Why?

Asel :  Where would you like to go?

Omar:   I’d like to go to Astana.

Asel :  Why?

Omar:   I’d like to go to Astana because it’s a modern city and there are lot of places of  interest

Omar: Where would you like to go in Astana?

Asel: I want to go to Astana to see the Akhorda  to meet the president of Kazakhstan?


Well, you are given  a lot of information about Astana. Now we are going to travel to monument of Baiterek and who gives better results you put your hands on the model of President’s hands  . let’s imagine that we are passengers of this bus.. Look at the screen, please. Take your seats. Be attentive. The bus is leaving…. (слайд 2)

I  wish all the pupils“Good luck!”

Station 1 Phonetics. Read as quickly as you can

Hickery, pickery my black cat likes to sit in my blue hat.

A girl sees three big grey geese. Sid sees six geese.

Station 2 Grammar

Fill in the gaps with am, is, are.

  1. I … fine.
  2. You … from England.
  3. He … very strong.
  4. My sister … busy.
  5. I have a cat. It … fat.
  6. Trees … green in spring.
  7. My brother … good at school.
  8. They … not good friends.
  9. I … in class five.

Station 3 Lexical. Translate into English

A year has (12 ай)

A year has (4жыл)

A season has (3ай)

A month has (30кун.)

A week has (7 апта).

Station 4.

1.It is big.

It is brown.

It has a big mouth.

It has a big nose.

It can run.

It is the King of Animals.

2.It is big.

It is thin.

It has two small ears.

It has four legs.

It has a long tail.

It can run very fast.


3.It can walk. It likes fish.
It says, ‘Miao. Miao.’


4.It is small.

It is green.

It has four long legs.

It has a big mouth.

It can jump.

It can live on land and in water.

  1. It is cute. It has long ears.
    It likes carrots


Station 5.

Put the correct word

East or West, home is best.

Live and learn

Time is money.

Better late than never

Power is a knowledge

We are happy to have such clever pupils. Now we’ll find out who is the winner today.

That’s right. You are very clever. You may put your hands model of President’s hands

Ok pupils our lesson is over our hometask: write about Astana. Your marks:

The end of the lesson: Good bye pupils