Theme of lesson: Do you help in the house?

Theme of lesson: Do you help in the house?

Aim: Өткен сабақты қайталау арқылы пысықтау,етістіктермен үстеулерді дұрыс та орынды қолданып сөйлеуге үйрету,сұраулы сөйлемдердің дауыс  ырғағын қалыптастыру,балаларды 2 топқа бөліп әртүрлі тапсырмалар беру арқылы оларды топтық жұмыс жасауға баулу және бір-біріне деген қарым-қатынасын нығайту,оқушылардың сөздік қорын молайту,танымдық көзқарастарын дамыту;

Visual aids: pictures and postcards

  1. Organization moment



What is the date today?

What is the day today?

Who is absent today?


  1. Checking up the hometask

What was your hometask?(learn by heart the phrases and words)

Pupils ask hometask each other by chain.



Colin: I often  help my mother in the house. I usually make my bed, sometimes tidy my room. I always take the rubbish out. I seldom do the washing up and never lay the table.

Colin: Do you ever help your Mum in the house, Omar?

Omar: Yes, I do. I often help my Mum…

Colin: How often do you make you bed?

Omar: I always make my bed.

Colin: And how often do you tidy your room?

Omar: Once a week. Usually on Saturday morning.

Colin: Who lays the table in your family?

Omar: My mum does.

Colin: So does my Mum.


Exercise 94.


Help somebody                     always

Make one’s bed                    sometimes

Tidy one’s bed                       usually

Take the rubbish out           often

Do the washing up               seldom

Lay the table                         never

Once/twice a week

Four times



  • The course of the lesson


1.Work with the picture

There is a picture on the board. You should describe it and write on the blackboards.

2.Creation work

I’ll give you 5 minutes, you should make a short  rhyme, using  new  phrases and words.

For example:

Do you help in the house?

Yes, I do. Yes, I do.

Do you take the rubbish out?

Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No.

3.Work with book

Please, open your notebooks



Exercise 5.page95.

Answer the questions . Use the words in the box.

For example:

Does Colin ever help his mother?

Yes, he often helps his mother.



  1. Hometask

Make a short story. How do I help my Mum?


  1. Put mark