What should you do to keep fit?

Атырау облысы Құрманғазы ауданы Ганюшкин селосы Б.Бегалиев атындағы орта мектепбінің жоғары санатты ағылшын тілі мұғалімі Бақтыгереева Жанар Меңдіханқызы.

Theme of the lesson:  “What should you do to keep fit?  ”

  1. The educational aim: to teach the students to speak about “Keeping Fit”.

Revise already studied material on theme “Health”.

  1. developing : to practice in reading the text

To develop students skills and habits in dialogic speech

To develop creative abilities in expressing their own

ideas, opinions and working on computer.

III. Bringing up:      to teach the pupils to take care of our environment

to bring up healthy of life.

Materials:  schemes, pictures, placards, electron- book of (Merits),

slides ,computer etc.

Type:                         informational technology.

 Methods: Brainstorming, role play.

Stages of the lesson:

  1. Org. moment: Greeting: Dialogue with the pupil on duty .
  2. Brainstorming: Now dear pupils look at the screen.

T: —  What do you see? — PL                                   

-Are the vegetables and fruits useful for our health?

T: — What do we talk about today?    Pl:………………………….

T:- Yes, you’re right. Today we’re continuing to speak about health.

Now read the title of the lesson please

                              “What should you do to keep fit?”

III. Fixation. You have understood the theme of the lesson. Here some things a person can do to take care of his health. Which 2 do you think are the most important ? Ex: 2 page 113.

That’s OK: You’re right. Taking regular exercises and Eating good quality food.

  1. Creation work. Let’s go on our work .Ex:3 p113. That’s good. In my opinion one of the most important thing for our health is Eating good quality food etc.
  2. Collage: Оќушыларѓа қиықшалар үлестіріледі: «The first wealth is health », «Water, soil, air are our friends» берілген таќырып бойынша коллаж құрастырылып, әр оқушы өз коллаждарын қорғайды.
  3. Presentation. Here is a well- known proverb “A man is what he eats ” What should we do to keep to keep? (оќушыларға үйге тапсырма тағамның адамдардың денсаулыѓына ќандай пайдасы бар екендігі туралы мәлімет жинақтауға берілді.) Appendix-1

VII. Work with chart. Well! Here is tasks: You have to choose the correct answer of vitamins.  Appendix-2

VIII. Work with computer. Taking regular exercises, eating healthy food is very   important .We know it and: T:- What else good for our health?

Pl:- Cleanliness is important.

  1. A) Reading and listening the text “Personal Hygiene ” (электрон оқулықпен жұмыс)
  2. After reading the text: True or False.
  3. Role play: “At the doctors”,

“Home remedy ”(үйге берілген тапсырма диалогты тексеру).

  1. Conclusion.
  2. a) “What should we do to keep fit?”


Get more fresh air or walk



go in for sports


Eating healthy food

Not smoking. etc.


Оқушылар денсаулық туралы қазақша, ағылшынша мақал- мәтелдер айтады.

Doing nothing is doing ill.

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise .etc.

XII. At home.

XIII. Marks.



Appendix- 1





























Appendix- 2.







e. Helps you have a strong and healthy body




b. Fasts sources of energy.
d. Builds strong bones by providing vitamins.
c. Is good for your brain, gives your energy.
a. Helps you have healthy gums. Make

Our immunity very strong.

Good for the flu