Theme: What should we do ?

Theme: What should we do  ?


Educational  :To introduce the words and phrases on the                                                                                                                          theme,to speak about illness and injuries, to enrich  the vocabulary stock.


 Developing :To develop pupils`   abilities and skills   in their

speech through asking & answering questions

  Bringing- up: To bring up pupils  to keep the healthy way of                                                                             life, to go in for sport.

  Practical     :  Pupils will be able to give an advice

using   should, shouldnt .

Type of the lesson: Presentation of the new  material

  Methods:  explanation, question —  answer

  Visual Aids:    pictures, cards, poster,   interactive   board.





























                             The procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment.

— Good morning boys and girls.

— Who is on duty today?

— Who is absent?

— What is the date today?

— What’s the weather like today?

  1. Checking up the home task

III. Phonetic drill. Pupils read the proverb and its Kazakh equivalent.1” Health is above Wealth”


-Can you   find eight words for parts of the body?


  1. V. Presentation of the new words
  2. sick – ауру
  3. illness — ауру
  4. injuries — зақымдану
  5. injection -иньекция

5.sore throat     -тамақ ауруы

6.fainted       -талып қалу

7.earache — құлақ ауруы

8.backache – арқа ауруы

9.stomache ache – асқазан, іш ауруы

10.first – aid box – алғашқы көмек қобдишасы

-Listen to the sentences     and  complete the  puzzle




VI . Work  with the picture. Match the pictures with the sentences


  1. e a        3.d            4.g             5.b         6.f       7.h          8.c



VII.    Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word (hurt, asthma, prescription, lung, pain, stomachache, attack, myself)
1. I hit my hand on the desk, and now it really hurts——-
2. They say she died of a heart ——-
3. She had some apples that weren’t ready to eat, and now she has a——-

VIII. Presentation of  “ What should we do?”

  1. Listening the dialogue.
  2. Checking understanding of the dialogue. Are these sentences true or false?
  3. Lizzie has just fainted
  4. Martin wants to phone the police.
  5. The man wants to move this woman.
  6. Lizzie thinks that is a bad idea
  7. Lizzie thinks he is a first -*aid expert.
  8. Lizzie follows his idea.
  9. The woman fells fine.
  10. An ambulance is coming.

IX.Presentation of grammar  . Modal verb should, shouldn’t.

I \ You \ He\ She   should            call an ambulance

We \ They             shouldn’t        move her.

Should   Martin  ring  999?         — Yes, he—————-.

Should I listen to his advice ?      — No,you —————.



  1. X. Practice
  2. Match problems 1- 6 with     a   — f. Complete the advice    using the verbs in the box.
  3. I have got a headache.
  4. My feet hurt.
  5. I have got toothache.
  6. I think she is broken her arm.
  7. I have got stomachache.
  8. When someone faints, I never know what to do.


Do      play    sit       go    eat       take


  1. You should ……… the
  2. We should …………. her to hospital.
  3. You should………. a first – aid course.
  4. You shouldnt………. in front of the TV for hours.
  5. You shouldn’t…….. those chips, then.
  6. You shouldn’t…….. football in sandals.


  1. Brainstorming.
  • Here are some illnesses, give your advice for treating the problems using modal verbs should, shouldn’t.
a)     A bad headache1)    You …… take some aspirin
b)    A toothache2)    You ….go to the dentist
c)     An insomnia3)You ….drink tea  or coffee before a sleep
d)    Burns3)    You… to put –burns under cold water
e)     coughs4)    You… see the doctor


  1. Talking.

-What should  or shouldn’t  we   do for being healthy?

XII. Key expressions. Thanking people.


-Thanks very much.

— Thank you

-Thank you very much.






XIII. Conclusion and marking

XIV. Home task ex. 1,2 WB