The theme: «Gardening in England»

The theme:  «Gardening in England»  

 Aims of the lesson:  Білімділік  «Англиядағы бау-бақша» тақырыбында

                                      оқушыларды жаңа сөздермен таныстыру, білімдерін


Дамытушылық  Жаттығулар орындату арқылы

оқушылардың жазу, оқу, сөйлеу қабілеттерін


Тәрбиелік  Оқушыларды еңбек сүйгіштікке, тазалыққа,

ата-анасын сыйлауға, табиғатты қорғауға үйрету.

Visual aids:    book, picture, interactive board, cards.

Literature:     Ayapova T.  6th  form


Procedure of the lesson

  1. Org. moment –Stand up pupils! Good afternoon!

— Good afternoon teacher!

—  Who is on duty today?

— I’m on duty today.

— What season is it now?

— Now, it is winter.

— What month is it now?

— Now, it is February.

— What date is it today?

-Today, the 21st of February.

-What day is it today?

— It is Thursday.

— Who is absent?

— All are present.

— Thank you!  Take your seat, please.

  1. Phonetic drill — OK. Let’s begin our lesson with phonetic drill. Look at the interactive board. Listen to me.

Pussy-cat,    pussy cat,

Where have you been

I have been to London

To look at the Queen

Listen and repeat after me!  Listen and repeat this row.  Read yourself.

All write  and read altogether.

III.   Checking  homework:  0k. Let’s check up your homework.

— What was your homework?  I’ll   give you   the test   and you will do it. I give you   7 minutes.

Test 1    

  1. Yesterday at 10 o’clock Omar was _____ a  letter.

a having

b writing

c playing

  1. Yesterday at 7 o’clock Anar and Asel ______

a were

b was                                                                                                                                                 c  are

  1. I was doing _____ homework

a  our

b  your

c  my

  1. Can you drive ?

a  Yes, I can

b  Yes, I do

c  No, I do

  1. People can vote when they are ____

a  at 15

b  at 20

c  at 18

  1. _____ can have part – time jobs

a  children

b  people

c child

  1. Teenagers in the _____ can drive at 16

a  Kazakhstan


c Russia

Test 2

  1. Yesterday at 11 o’clock Bolat was _____ computer games

a  reading

b  playing

c  riding

  1. Yesterday at 12 o’clock ____ and ____ were having lunch

a  Aizhan and Marat

b He

c  It

  1. Yesterday at 4 o’clock Colin was reading a ____

a bike

b tennis

c  book

  1. Do you drive?

a  No, I can’t

b  Yes, I do

c  No, I do

5 Children finish school ____

a  at  17

b   at  15

c   at  19




6  In Britain teenagers ____ ride a motorbike at 17

a    must

b   should

c    can

  1. Teenagers in the Kazakhstan can drive at ____

a at 16

b at 17

c at 18

Well, are you finished? Give me your test.

Thank you!

  1. New materials:  Our new theme for today is called “ Gardening in England “. Open your book at page 114. We’ll learn same new words. Open your vocabulary and write down the new words.

New Words

Plant              —  [pla:nt], v    —  ағаш отырғызу

Water            —  [wo:tә], v     —  су құю, суару

Whitewash    —  [waitwoS], v  —  ақтау,ағарту

Prune            —  [pru:n], v       – бұтау, кесу

Garden          —  [ga:dn], n      —  бақша

Flower           —  [flauә], n        —  гүл

Tree               —  [tri:], n           —  тал, ағаш

Branch          —  [bra:ntS], n    —  бұтақ

Enjoy             —  [ind3oi], v      —  рахаттану


Listen and repeat .      Read.

  1. Doing exercises: And look ex 5. p. 115  Read and translate the text.


I`ll give you cards and you complete the cards about Omar`s family.

His father was     —————-  ———.

His mother was  ———  — —    ———.

Asel was  ————     ——   ————.

Omar was   ————     —-      ————-.

They  were  —-      —-   ————-.

     Omar enjoy working  —     —    —————.

They weren`t   — —     ————.

  1. Physical drill Let`s do our  physical exercise!

Hands up, Hands down

Hands on your hips

One, two three, hop

One, two, there, stop

Stand still

Ok, sit down

Look   Ex. 8  p. 115-116   Ask and answer the questions.


Now look at the interactive board. Read and write the words.

[ plant ] –

[ ga:dn ] –

[ wait,wos ] –

[ pru:n ] –

[ flaua ] –

[tri: ] –

[ bra:nts ] –

Well, all right. Take your  seats please.

Ex. 13 p. 117  Read the text.

England is famous  for its gardens  and  most people like gardening.  Flower shows and vegetables shows are popular in England. At these shows gardeners get prizes for most beautiful flowers and the biggest vegetables. The process of growing plants is  more important to a lot of gardens than looking at flowers.



Ex. 14 p. 117  True of false.

  1. a) English people like gardening.
  2. b) Flower shows and vegetables shows are not popular in England.
  3. c) At these shows gardeners get prizes.
  4. d) Looking at flowers is more important to a lot of gardeners than of growing plants.
  5. Homework: Your homework for the next lessen

Ex 15 p 117   and  to learn new words.

  1. Concluding stage: You work well.  Your marks  are excellent,  good, satisfied.

Our lesson is over. Stand up!  You are  free.

See you next lesson. Good bye!