The theme of the lesson: Unit 2. This is Nora. Animals.


Актөбе облысы Хромтау қаласы

№3 Хромтау орта мектебі

пәні: Ағылшын тілі

мұғалім: Жуминова Феризат Нұрлыбайқызы

Тақырыбы: Unit 2. This is Nora. Animals

Lesson Plan

Class: 1

Duration: 45 min.

The theme of the lesson: Unit 2. This is Nora. Animals.


  1. To teach pupils to identify animals and people.
  2. To develop pupils listening, thinking, reading and writing skills.
  3. To bring -up to be friendly.

Type of the lesson: mixed

Method of the lesson: question-answer, playing a game.

Visual aids: Alphabet, Flashcards: dog, fish, goat, pirate, queen, rabbit, tiger, zebra.

Procedure of the lesson:

StageContentTime Material need
I. Organization moment.— All of you stand up!

— Good morning pupils!

— Good morning, good morning!

  Good morning to you

  How are you teacher?

  We are glad to see you!

— Thank you, I’m glad to see you, too.

— You may sit down!

2 min. 
II. Checking-up home work.— Let’s check-up your home work.

— Open your activity book I’ll check your home work.

— OK. Who wants to read?

— You please!

— Thank you sit down.

5 min. 


— Boys and girls look at the alphabet.

— There are 26 letters in English lesson.

— Repeat after me the letters.

— Well done!

10 min.Alphabet

New words.

Are you a…? — сен …місің?

Yes, I’m — иә

No, I am not — жоқ

I’m a … — мен…

I’m not a… — мен… емеспін

Queen — ханшайым

Rabbit — қоян

Tiger — жолбарыс

Zebra — зебра

5 min. 

New lesson.

— Boys and girls, answer to my question.

— Are you a girl/boy?

— Look at the picture.

— What is it?

— It’s a dog.

— Are you a dog?

— No, I’m not.

— Are you a goat, a fish, a pirate, a queen, a rabbit, a tiger ,a zebra?

— Are you girl/boy?

— Well done.


— Let’s play the game.

Exercise: 5 Play the game.

— Open your books at page 15.

— Just now we are going to play a game.

— Please one of you come to the board.

— Choose an animal or person.

— And don’t tell me.

— Answer to my question.

— Are you…?

— Yes, I’m/No, I’m not.

-Thanks sit down.

— Who wants to come to the board?

— Well done!

10 minFlshcards
VI. Practice.— Boys and girls let’s do the exercises.

Exercise: 4. Write I’m/ I’m not.

— Boys and girls look at the board.

— Write the missing words in the correct spaces.

— Complete the sentences by putting the words.

— The correct spaces.


1. I’m a girl. I’m not a boy.

2. I’m not a girl. I’m a boy.

3. I’m a dog. I’m not a fish.

4. I’m not a pirate..I’m a queen.

10 min. 

Home work.

— Boys and girls your home task will be Ex:5. P: 11.

Exercise: 5. Choose and tick.

1. yes I am.

2. No, I’m not.

3. Yes, I’m.

4. No, I’m not.

5. No, I’m not.

2 min. 


— Your mark…

— Lesson is over!

— Good bye pupils.

1 min.