The Theme: About Meals in Britain

The Theme: About Meals in Britain

The Aims: 1.Оқушылардың сөздік қорын қенейту.

2.Оқушылардың оқу техникасын және ауызекі тілде сөйлеу дағдыларын дамыту.

Present Continuous Tense  шағын пысыктау.Өз беттерімен жұмыс істеуге баулу.


3.Оқушыларды Ағылшын халқының тағам мәдиниетімен таныстыру.


Visual Aids: computer, pictures,grammar table.


Әдіс-тәсілдер:қөрнекілік, сөздіқ,өзіндік,өзіндіқ жұмыс әдісі,практикалық.


(1.)  Good morning children.I am very glad to see you! Today we shall conduct an unusual lesson, because we will work with electronic book.This book was constructing by our teacher Kylash Kaukenovna. The theme of our lesson is ‘’Meals in Britain”.


Our first stage is the reading of vocabulary,try to memorize the words.


Vocabulary:milk-shake,sandwich,light  snack,pancake,meat,garlic,stock,slice,

Butter,sausage,egg,bacon,cut,cake,porridge roast,beef,carrot,

Honey,vegetable,cheese,toast,cereal,marmalade./ сүт коктейлі,

Бутерброд,женіл  тамақ,құймақ,ет,сарымсақ,сорпа,тілім,сары май,шұжық,жұмыртқа,бекон,қақталған шошқа төсі,кесу,торт,ботқа,

Қуырлған,сиыр еті,сәбіз,бал,көкөніс,ірімшік,қызартылған бір жапырақ нан,


 Examples:1.My father drinks a glass of milk-shake for breakfast.

2.They have a sandwich or a light snack for lunch.

3.I like my Granny`s pancakes and plum pudding.

4.Meat,egg,fish are better in building strong muscles.

5.When you have a cold,drink a cup of chicken stock with garlic.

6.John and Mike take baskets with sandwiches made of thin slices of bread and

Butter with meat.

7.In the evening they have a simple supper: sausage,bacon with eggs.

8.Lena cuts the birthday cake with the knife.

9.English people often take sugar in their porridge.

10.On Sundays many families have a traditional lunch,which consists of roast-

Beef,roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding.

11.They say carrots are good for eyes,fish is good for brain.

12.Tea with honey is the British national drink.

13.Fruit,vegetables,milk and cheese are better in fitting bones,teeth,skin and

Blood healthy.

14.Breakfast it is a bowl of cereal,toast,marmalade,jam with a cup of coffee

Or tea.


( 2.) Click on Reading.Listen to the text”Meals in Britain.’ after that you will

Read it one by one and translate.


         Meals in Britain.           

A traditional English breakfast is very big meal: sausages,bacon,eggs,tomatoes,mushrooms.But many people just have cereal with milk and sugar,and toast with marmalade,jam or honey.Marmalade and jam are not the same.Marmalade is made from oranges and jam is made from other fruit.The traditional breakfast drink is tea,which people have with cold milk.Some people have coffee,often instant coffee,which is made with just hot water.Many visitors to Britain find this coffee disgusting.For many people lunch is quick meal: most people have a sandwich or a light snack..In cities there are a lot of sandwich bars,where office workers can choose the kind of bread they want,and then all sorts of salad and meat or fish to go to in the sandwich.Schoolchildren can have a hot meal at school, but many just take a snack from home- a sandwich,a drink, some fruit,some crisps.”Tea” means two things.It is a drink and a meal.Some people have afternoon tea, with sandwiches,cakes,a cup of tea.Creams tea are popular.


(3.) Test.Let us see how much you have learned from your reading! Select< start> to begin.You have only 10 minutes to fulfil the task.


  1. A traditional English … is very big meal.


  1. But many people just have … … … and sugar.

A-cereal with milk,B-coffee with milk,C-tea with milk.

3.Marmalade is made from ….


4.The traditional breakfast drink is … .

A-mineral water,B-fruit,C-tea.

      5.Many visitors to Britain find this coffee … .


  6.For many people lunch is … meal.


   7.In cities there are a lot of sandwich … .

   A-canteen,B-bars,C-dining room.

  8.Schoolchildren can have a … meal at school.

  Aa hot,B-a snack,C-dessert.

   9.Many just take  a snack from … .


   (4. ) Let`s learn grammar! Present Continuous Tense.

Grammar test.

                   Question 1.Kate … dinner now.

  • is cooking.
  • will cook.

Question 2. I was  not … ice cream yesterday.


B-was eating.


Question 3.They … … chess now.

A-will play.

B-are playing.


Question 4.Nick… … to the park now.

A-has gone.

B-were going.

C-is going.

Question 5.Look! Mary … … .

A-has dancing.

B-is dancing.


Question 6.

I … … … the guitar now.

A-am not playing.

B-not is playing.

C-am playing not.

Question 7.I … … in the waiting room now.

A-is  sitting.

B- was sat.

C-am sitting.

Question 8.Kenny… … about his new car at that moment.


B-is thinking.


Question 9.His brother … … … TV at the moment.

A-not is watching.

B-is not watching.

C-is watching not.

Question 10. Listen! My mother… … the piano in the next room.

A-are playing.

B-was playing.

C-is playing.


(5.)Now we transmit to Progress check..

Sentence 1.They … … television right now.

A-are watching.

B-is watching.


Sentence 2.The teacher is busy now.He … … a new grammar rule.

A-are explaining.


C-is explaining.

Sentence 3.I … … a report now.

A-is writing.

B-am writing.


Sentence 4.I want a new car.I… … up to buy one.

A-am saving.


C-are saving.

Sentence 5.It … … outside.

A-are snowing.

B-is snowing.


Sentence 6.Normally I start work at eight o`clock,but I … … to work at seven o`clock  this week.

A-is starting.

B-are starting

C-am starting.

Sentence 7.I haven`t got a car at the moment,so I … … to work by bus this week.

A-am going.

B-is going.

C-are going.

Sentence 8.Bolat … … a letter to his parents.

A-are writing.

B-is writing.


Sentence 9 What… you … at?

A-are/ looking.

B-is/ looking.

C-did/ looking.

Sentence 10 They … … to the news.

A-are listening.

B-is listening.



(6.)-Good bye! See you soon.You were good.You were very good.

The results of the lesson,giving marks.Now you can have a rest