Theme: Whаt is your mother like?

Welcome to the lesson

Theme: Whаt is your mother like?

Form: 5

Teacher: RakhmetAigul

The aims of the lesson:

1.To enrich pupils knowledge concerning the theme

2.To develop their speaking, reading habits

3.To bring up their interest with plays.

The equipment of the lesson: computers, the screen, cards, blackboard, placards, pictures, disk.

Inter-subject connection: Kasakh.

The type of the lesson: getting new information.

The procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment.Greeting.

-Good morning dear children!

-I am glad to see you very much and you?

-Who is on duty today?

-Who is absent today?

-What date is it today?

-What day is it today?

  1. Phonetic drill

This is mother, kind and beautiful,

This is father, kind and tall,

This is brother, handsome,

This is sister, not very tall.

This is baby sweet and small,

These are the family one and all!

III. Checking the home task:

What is this?  It’s……..

Whose shirt is this? This is….


What is this?  It’s…….

Whose skirt is this? This is….


What is this?  It’s……..

Whose dress is this? This is….

What are these? They are……

Whose jeans are these? They are….

What are these? They are……

Whose jeans are these? They are….


What are these? They are……

Whose jeans are these? They are….Well done!


  1. New words


beautiful [ ‘bju:tiful ]- сұлу, әдемі

nice [ nais]- әдемі, тамаша

handsome [ ‘hænsəm]- әдемі, сұлу

tall [ to:l]- биік, ұзын бойлы

short [ ∫o:t]- қысқа

fat [ fæt] – толық, семіз, майлы

thin [θin ]- жіңішке, арық

strict [ stik]- қатал

kind [ kaind]-жомарт, ақ көңіл



  1. Listen

Carol: what’ s your mother’s name?

Asel: Alma

Carol: Oh, a good name. how old is she?

Asel: She’s 36. she’s young.

Carol: What is she like?

Asel: She’s beautiful.

Carol: Is she tall?

Asel: No, she isn’t. ahe is not very tall.

Carol: is she thin?

Asel: No, she isn’t. she isn’t very thin.

Carol: is she strict?

Asel: No, she isn’t. she is kind.

  1. Doing exercise

Exercise 5 on page 62

Yes OR No

 a. Asel’s mother’s name is Alma  Yes
 b. She is tall  No
 c. She is young
 d. She is thin
 e. She isn’t beautiful
 f. She is strict


Exercise 6 on page 62

Answer the questions about Asel’s mother.

  1. What’s her name?

2.How old is she?

3.Is she beautiful?                                                                             Asel’s mother

  1. Is she thin?

5.Is she kind?

6.Is she tall?

Exercise 7 on page 62

Listen and repeat.

Carol: What’s your mother like?

Asel: She’s beautiful.


-What’s your father like?



-What’s your brother like?



-What’s your sister like?





Match the words and definitions.


  1. What’s her name? a) She is beautiful
  2. How old is she? b) She isn’t very tall
  3. Is she beautiful? c) She isn’t very thin
  4. Is she thin? d) Her name is Alma
  5. Is she kind? e) She is 36
  6. Is she tall? f) She is kind


Write opposites of the following words.

Bad – nice





VII. Tests

  1. My mother’s name ______ Alma.
  2. a) amb) is c) are
  3. She is (ұзынбойлы).
  4. a) kindb) fat c) tall
  5. Олтым жас.
  6. a) She is quite young b) She is short c) She is beautiful.
  7. What is she like?
  8. a) She is 36 b) She is a teacher c) She is beautiful.
  9. Is she strict?
  10. a) She isn’t strict b)  She is kind                       c) She is strict
  11. Is she fat ?
  12. a) Yes, it is b) Yes, she is c) Yes, he is
  13. _____ she kind?
  14. a) Are b) Am c) Is
  15. “fat” сөзініңантонимы?
  16. a) kindb) thin c) nice
  17. “Қатал” сөзініңаудармасы?
  18. a) Strictb) short c) tall
  19. Менанамдыжақсыкөремін?
  20. a) I love my parents b) Do you love your mother?   c) I love my mother.



VIII. Home task:

Learn new words and ex.12. p.62

  1. Putting marks

Giving me your diary I’ll put your marks

  • Good bye!
  • Good bye!