How is your English?

The theme: How is your English?

The type of lesson:  extra curricular work

The kind of the lesson: competiton (5th form)

The objectives : 1. To revise previous materials.

  1. to develop pupils’ skills and habits in speaking and their activeness at the lesson.
  2. to educate the feeling of love towards English.


The procedure of the lesson:


Good afternoon dear teachers, pupils and friends. You are welcome to our English game    “ How is your English?“.

I am glad to see you at our lesson today because we have an unusual lesson –a competition. There are 12  rounds in this competition. Two  participants take part in our competition. They are tulpar (5th form) and sunkhar (6th form).


І round. Who is quickly?

ІІ round. Hurry up to see!

ІІІ round. Make up words

ІҮ round. Captain’s team

Ү round. Snake

YI round. “Musical pause”

YIІ round. Magic words

YIII round. Domino

ІX round. Let’s think

X round. What time is it?

XI round. Musical pause”

XII round. “Bingo”


We have 2 experts that mark our participants. The first level is called  “Who is quickly?” . You should  make words by using this table. So we begin. How many points have the participants got? Dear experts? You are welcome to answer. /the results of the game/












Arm ndar
Bed chen
Kit vision
Win chair
Car ker
Tele room
Dish ture
Pic pet
Vege tain
Motor man
Grand bike
Moun sday
Wedne table
Walk father















We start the second level which is called    “Hurry up to see”.  I will show some pictures. You must name their. You can get 10 points for each right answer.  Are you ready to start?

The third level is  “ Make up words”. Now, pupils listen to me very attentively.

I’ll give the different kinds of letters and you must make a word from the given letters. I’ll give you 6 minutes.

The next level of competition is called  “Captain’s team”. I will read questions to each captains.




1.What’s your group’s name?

2.Where are you from?

3.How are you?

4.How old are you?

5.Are you Russian?

6.How many boys are there?

7.Do you like playing football?

8.What do you want to be?

9.What’s your mother’s profession?


1.What’s your group’s motto?

2.Are you pupil?

3.Are you Japan?

4.Where are you live?

5.How many friends do you have?

6.How many girls are there in your class?

7.Do you like reading?

8.What’s your father’s profession?

9.What do you want to be?


The next level is  “snake”.  You must tell the word at the last sound of the previous word. If you can’t tell the word you leave the game. For example :land – dog – grandmother – red – etc.

Musical pause.  Sing a song. Song   “My bonny lies over the ocean”

The 7th level is  “Magic words”. I will give you one word. “Grandmother” you should make other some words by using letters from the word “grandmother”. Who make many words?

The next level is called  “Domino”. I’ll give you cards. It’s divided into two part in the first you see English word,   in the second part Kazakh. The first pupils begin to read English, and one of you must find the translation of this word in your own cards and say it.

The next level is   “Let’s think!”. Now, pupils let’s begin the next round. There are 2 rebus. What’s this words. Let’s begin. Is everything clear?

The tenth level is called   “ What time is it?”














Musical pause.  Song  “We shall over come”.


The last level is   “Bingo”. First of all, I will give cards. I will read numbers. You must circle these number  in your cards. Who won the Bingo?

2 1 7 90 22 78
3 33 87 11 72 6
45 54 48 5 56 51
12 13 10 43 4 14
23 1 7 9 2 8
3 34 87 11 76 26
45 4 48 5 6 51
12 11 0 43 46 4








Today you show us how friendly you are. I think that this competition hasn’t winners or losers and I want to give all of you the diplomas for the taking part in our competition. Our competition is over.  Thank you for your attention. Good bye! (Finish. Determine what group was  the best and give their diplomas.)