The theme of the lesson: Lesson 9,Revision

Grade: 2”a”, Date: 24.12.2012y.

The theme of the lesson: Lesson 9,Revision

The aims of the lesson:                   1) Educational: to revise the previous materials (letters, sounds, questions: «What is your name? », «How are you? », «Where are you from?”), to check up pupils’ memory, to teach them to make up a dialogue between each other.

2) Developing: to develop pupils’ speaking, writing, reading skills, to improve their pronunciation, memory.

3) Up bringing: to raise pupils’ interest to the subject, to develop their communicative skills.

Visual aids: pictures, slides, book, interactive board, English 2rd grade (by

I.N.Vereshagina, T.A.Pritykina).

The type of the lesson: Revision Lesson.

The methods of the lesson: matching the letters with their sounds, role play, sing a song, work with pictures, to make up dialogues.

  1. Organization moment(1-2min)
  2. Checking up the homework(5min)
  • Speech drill(5 min)
  1. Revision of the previous materials (20 min)
  2. Relaxation(3-4 min)
  3. Phonetic drill(5 min)
  • Results, homework(4-5 min)

The procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment:

T:  Good afternoon pupils!

P:  Good afternoon, Good afternoon

Good afternoon to you,

Good afternoon, good afternoon

We are glad to see you.

T:  I am glad to see you too!

II.Check up the homework: Ex: 9, p: 18.Look at these letters and copy out with their pairs.


III. Speech drill: -Let’s listen and sing a song “What is your name?” put this question to each other and answer for them (pupils must say their names aloud).

Example: P1: What is your name?

                P2:  My name is Asel.


IV.Revision of the previous materials.

T: How many English letters do you know? Look at the picture, there are some balloons in this picture and there are English letters on it. Name all the letters which you know.


T: Pronounce these sounds :[m],[n],[p],[b],[d],[f],[k],[t],[l],[s],[z].Match with their letters.

T: I see you are tide, let’s do our relaxation exercise.

Stand up! Hands up!

Hands on hips!

Turn to the left!

Turn to the right!

One, two, three hop!

One, two, three stop!

T: Try to remember all the words with these sounds. (Phonetic exercise.)

[m]-my, name, from, America.

[n]-name, Great Britain, Kazakhstan.

[o]-what, from, not



[f]-fine, from

[k]-America, Africa.



Phonetic drill:

One, one, one, little dogs runs,

Two, two, two cats see you

Three, three, three birds on a tree,

Four, four, four toys on the floor.

Name the countries.

T: Look at the next slide; you can see the different heroes from the tales that are familiar to you, what are their names? Where are they from?

P1: Her name is Dora. She is from America.

P2: His name is Aldar Kose.He is from Kazakhstan.

P3: His name is Bob. He is from Africa.

P4: Her name is Ariel. She is from Great Britain.

  1. Relaxation:

T: Let’s sing a song “Where are you from?”

T: The next task will be to make up a dialogue. At first you’ll listen to the dialogue by computer and then act out the talk.


P1: How are you?

P2: I’m fine, thank you. And you?
P1: I’m fine too. My name is Diana. What is your name?

P2: My name is Marat. I’m from Kazakhstan. Where are you from?

P1: I’m from Great Britain. Nice to meet you, good-bye!


VII.Results, homework.

T: Your task is to draw your favorite fairytale character. Let’s sing a “Good-bye” song.