“It’s a hard life” 7-сынып

Тақырыбы: “It’s a hard life” 7-сынып

ІІІ деңгейлік Кембридждік оқыту технологиясы

Б.М.Юсупова-ІІІ деңгейлі ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі

А.Тайманов атындағы №34 мектеп-гимназия, БҚО

Form: 7Date:
The theme of the lesson

«It’s a hard life»

The aimLearning the use of phrasal verb «get» and write about the day of their own life
The expected resultsА. They can understand the text and can work with vocabulary

В. They can answer the questions and can compare their life with the life of Japanese

С. They can write a letter to Japan student and write  an essay about the theme

The Aids of the lesson:Interactive board, resources, CD and player, cards, pictures, computer,  reflection cards
The new technology used at the lessonThird (basic) level of teacher training program of the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education for education organizations in the Republic of Kazakhstan
The modules used at the lesson1.     New approaches to teaching and learning: ’Dialogic teaching and learning’ and ‘Learning how to learn’(independent learning)

2.     Learning to think critically

3.     Assessment for and of  learning

4.     Using  ICT in teaching

5.     Teaching talented and gifted children

6.     Responding to age-related differences in teaching and learning

7.     Management and leadership of learning

The tasks used at the lesson1.     Discussing in a group.

2. To create the atmosphere of solidarity.

3. To ask questions to the students and work about them.

4.  Evaluation of the degree of understanding.

5. Pair works for the development of critical thinking.

6. To put in order yourselves.

7. Learning of talented and gifted children.

8. Evaluation of critical thinking.

The Procedure of the lesson:
The stages of the lessonTime Teacher’s activitiesPupils’ activities




4 мин



Dividing into group by the technic “Find your pair”


They greet each other and divide by the technic  “Find your pair” Evaluation: to make a criteria of achievement, “Clapping your hands”,   reflection cards.


Individual, pair, group work: dividing into groups by the technic “Choose the colours”

For the children of АББҚ: the method “What is the odd word”. The using of ICT: listening of audio disks, to use the Internet. For talented and gifted children: “Write an essay or a letter”

Answer for the questions of H/T in turn.






7 min



Uncover the theme of the lesson by the technic “A secret thing”

2 мин

Making the criteria of the lesson with the students.

The criteria of achievement:

1.     I can say about Australia

2.     Using the superlative form of adjectives I can do the tasks.

3.     I can evaluate myself and each other with fair.

5 min






The students make the criteria with the teacher; uncover the theme of the lesson.


The main part





30 minWith the help of ICT translate the text:

The 1st group: Find the superlative form of adjectives from the text

The 2nd group: Do the text

The 3rd group: Do the Ex 4


Evaluation of groups by the technic “Fingers”.

For talented and gifted children: Giving the task “A reporter” Making the news program about Australia.

The 1st student: reports about the accidents during the day.

(For example about Lightning Ridge)

The 2nd student: the Dictor in telestudio

A reporter: gives an information

The 4th student:

Тілші сұхбат алатын куәгер.

The task for the students of

АББҚ: matching

Do the task in group.
















Students must do the task by the technic “Reporter” after that evaluate by the technic “Traffic light”










The students of АББҚ do the task themselves: 1d 2f 3b 4h 5c 6g 7i 8a 9e






4 мин


All groups evaluate the lesson by the technic “Traffic light”

The students write reflection cards.

The students evaluate each other and themselves and write reflection cards.