“In the city” 3-сынып

Тақырыбы: “In the city” 3-сынып

ІІІ деңгейлік Кембридждік оқыту технологиясы

Б.М.Юсупова-ІІІ деңгейлі ағылшын тілі мұғалімі

А.Тайманов атындағы №34 мектеп-гимназия, БҚО


The Plan of the lesson

WeekDate 13.03.2014    Form 2 “A”Lesson 18
The theme of the lesson5B King Cat’s wonderful corner: In the city. Present Continuous
The aims1.      To develop the children’s spoken and listening fluency.

2.     Learning the students to think critically

3.     To practice the present continuous

The results1.       The students can ask questions and answer them

2.       They can make sentences in  present continuous

3.       The students can match and draw their own poster

The type of the lessonNon-standard lesson
Methods of teachingTeaching critical thinking,  “A Hot Chair”, “Find out more”, “Speaking pictures”
The Aids of the lesson:Interactive board, resources, CD and player,cards
The modules of the lesson1.     New approaches to teaching and learning: ’Dialogic teaching and learning’ and ‘Learning how to learn’(independent learning)

2.     Learning to think critically

3.     Assessment for and of  learning

4.     Using  ICT in teaching

5.     Teaching talented and gifted children

6.     Responding to age-related differences in teaching and learning

7.     Management and leadership of learning

Evaluation«Evaluation each other»  «Applauding»  «Smileys» «Traffic lights»

«Evaluation with the help of fingers»