Who invented money?


The theme of the lesson

“Who invented money?”

The aims


1.     To introduce pupils  to some examples of the regular past simple (tossed, invented)

2.     To practice listening, speaking and reading.

The expected results



А. The pupils can use  the verbs (toss, invent) in the regular past simple

В. They can make sentences in past simple


The aids



Pupil’s Book, Work Book, ICT: CD audio disk,  computer, vocabulary,  pictures,  reflection cards.
The Procedure of the lesson:
The stages of the lessonTime The actions of the teacher The actions of the pupils




3 min



 Dividing into groups by the technic “South, North, East, West”.     1 min


Question: What can you do with money?

2 min

The pupils divide into groups according what horizon they like.




Pupils think and answer the questions.






12 min



The method of classification.

To classify the pictures according to different countries. (To give  the pictures to the pupils)  7 min


Тo create the criteria of achievement with the pupils. To uncover the purpose of the lesson.

The criteria of the lesson:

1.     To listen attentively to the new words and remember them.

2.     To try not to make grammar mistakes and make a dialogue.

3.     To evaluate of ourselves and each other honestly and sincerely.

5 min

 The pupils  classify the pictures and explain why they do in that way.

Evaluation of each other: the groups introduce how other groups classify the pictures and say the best ways of it.




The pupils create the criteria of achievement and  uncover the purpose of the lesson.


The main part





25 min With the help of ICT to listen to the text from the to listen to the text and giving the task to make a dialogue with shall, will 3 min.


For the students АББҚ the task «Try this» find where you can go and write unscrambled words. 5 min

For gifted and talented students: compare the sightseeing in abroad and in our country, how can you give an advertisement to attract the tourists ?




The 1st group: Doing the Ex 1. Match the sentences with the pictures.


The 2nd group: do Ex 2d “True or False”.



The 3rd  group: Ex 4 Match the sentences with grammar


The 4th   group: Ex 5 To find the answers for suggestions

Мұқият тыңдап, жұппен диалог құрады. Жұптар бірін-бірі «2 жұлдыз, 1 ұсыныс» әдісімен бағалайды.








Мына дұрыс жауаптарды жазып, оқып береді: museum, theatre, cathedral, cinema, palace, aquarium






They write an advertisement in written form or do it orally. Other students evaluate with the method «2 stars, 1 suggestion»



Group Work.  Do the ex with the method “True or False”.


The students match the new words with the pictures


Match the halves of the sentences with shall and will.

Read the answers with the dialogical method







5 min


a) To pay their attention to the criteria of the lesson which they were given at the beginning of the lesson.

b) The students discuss how they achieve the criteria of achievement.

c) To listen to 1 or 2 students.

Teacher’s evaluation.  Teacher’s (my) conclusion evaluation of the students.

To all groups: To evaluate the lesson with the method of traffic light.

Reverse communication between the teacher and the students.


c) Giving the Home task: to learn by heart the new words and do the Ex 4

Saying good bye.

Evaluation of yourselves what they’ve achieved at the lesson and what they have to improve at the next lesson.









They show the colours of traffic lights.  They say their own opinions about the procedure of the lesson with the help of auxiliary verbs.




The students write their H/t.