Lesson 18. He likes playing snowballs



The  theme  of  the  lesson:       Lesson  18. He  likes  playing  snowballs

The  aim  of  the  lesson:        

1.To  teach  pupils  talking  about

  1. To  get   introduce  with  vocabulary   as  snowballs.

Visual   aids:    pictures , game- placards ,  etc.

The  plan:   1.Organization  moment

  1. Checking  home  task
  2. Introduction  of  new  lesson
  3. Doing   exercises
  4. Play  games, giving  pictures
  5.   Giving  home  tasks
  6.     Conclusion
  7. Giving  marks
  8. Ending of  the  lesson


The   procedure   of  the  lesson

1.Organization   moment

Everyday    sentences  greetings ,  asking  day  and  date,  talking   about  the  weather .

  1. Checking home  task

Page 68.Exercises 2.To  write   and   translate, to read without   mistakes


  1. Introduction of new   lesson
  2. Wart- up

Letter CCC, listen ccc.

Car, count, copy, cat

What, s  this?

A  lazy  crab.



  1. New theme. Doing  exercises
  2. Listen and  repeat


Cake- кекс                                                                     pencil- қалам

Cup- кесе                                                                      ice-cream-балмұздақ

Crab-шаян                                                                    bicycle-велосипед

Cold-салқын                                                                 face-бет

a.E,I,Yдыбыстарының  алдында  келсе {S} болып  оқылады  pencilcent,  ice

b.A,O,U және  барлық  дауыссыз дыбыстың  алдында және соңында  кездессе {k} оқылады. Cake, crab,cat

2.Write  and  say                                                                          



Pen-il                    i-e — —ream            bi—y—le                  fa—e                           —ake


  —up                      —rub                      —old                      


She                                      reading

He                likes                drawing

It                                         jumping

I                                          dancing

3.Find  and  write  

She   —-   reading

He ——watchingTV

It     ——    jumping

I  —— drawing

  1. 4. Continue this  sentences+ ing

I  like ——-                                                                 My  mam  likes  ———

My  dad  likes ———-                                             My  frend  likes ———-



  1. Game. Find names . Giving pictures




Crabcup, cake, ice-cream,  pencil, bicicle car carpet catpicture.

5.Giving  home  task

To  write 5   sentences about [C]



  1. Giving marks




  1. The end of  the  lesson

The  lesson  is  over .

You  are  free.

Good    bye.