We love the world.



Тақырыбы:  Тарау 9.Сабақ 5.  We love the world.
Мақсаты: оқыту мен оқудағы жаңа тәсілдерді қолдана отырып, « Біз әлемді сүйеміз» тақырыбы бойынша  білімді меңгерту.                                                                     Міндеті:                                                                                                                                                             — лексикалық материалды қайталау және  меңгерту;                                                                                      — мәтінмен жұмыс жасау, өз ойын жеткізе білу қабілеттерін жетілдіру;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    — грамматикалық материал жай осы шақ формаларын жазуда, оқуда, ауызекі тілде сауатты қолдануын меңгерту;                                                                                                                              -оқушылардың  тыңдасым,сөйлеу, оқу дағдыларын дамыта  отырып,  пәнге  қызығушылығын арттыру;                                                                                                                                Оқыту нәтижелері:
Қоршаған ортаны қорғап, зиян келтіретін заттар туралы білді. Сөздік қорлары молайды. Мәтінді түсініп оқып, мазмұнын білді.
Әдіс — тәсілдері: Жеке жұмыс, топтық жұмыс, жұптық жұмыс ,оқыту мен оқуда  АКТ-ны қолдану, интерактивті тақта,тест
Сабақтың түрі: Аралас сабақ
Көрнекі құралдары:
Негізгі ресурстар:  Т. Аяпова, интерактивті тақта, маркерлер, постерлер, қима қағаздар, компьютер


The procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment


 Checking up the attendance

Who is on duty?

Who is absent today?

Is she / he ill?

What’s the weather like today?

What date is it today?

What day is it today?

Checking up the hometasks    Ex 7






  1. Warm up.


Spring is green                                        Summer is bright



Autumn is yellow                                       And winter is white

 Today the theme of our lesson is «We love the world». Our world is a very beautiful place. There are mountains, rivers and large forests. But some people destroy the environment. Today we are going to discuss the problem of environment protection. You know that people all over the world are worried about environment. The issue of ecology is important. Our nature is nice, but there some ecological problems in our country. What are they?

  1. Pupils:1. Flowers are picked up.
  2. Litter is left.
  3. The water is polluted.
  4. Fires are started.
  5. Trees are cut down.
  6. Birds and animals are killed.
  7. The air is polluted.

4) Presentation of the new words.

1) Environment – қоршаған орта

2) Red herring – қызыл балық

3) Throw away – шығарып тастау

4) Protect- қорғау

5) Nature – табиғат

6) Destroy —  бұзу, талқандау

7) Caviar – уылдырық

8) Farm land – ферма жері





5.Presentation of the new grammar material

TenseSignal wordsUseFormExamples


Examples negativeExamples interrogative
Present Simpleevery day
first … then
something happens repeatedly

how often something happens

one action follows another

things in general

after the following verbs (to love, to hate, to think, etc.)

future meaning: timetables, programmes

infinitive he/she/

it + -s

I work.
He works.
I go.
He goes.
I don’t work.
He doesn’t work.
I don’t go.
He doesn’t go.
Do I work?
Does he work?
Do I go?
Does he go?


  1. Exercise on Simple Present 1

Начало формы     Form of Affirmative Sentences — Part 1   Choose the correct form.

We sometimes  read reads  books.

Emily  go goes  to the disco.

It often  rain rains  on Sundays.

Pete and his sister  wash washes  the family car.

I always  hurry hurries  to the bus stop.

Form of Affirmative Sentences — Part 2

Put the verbs into the correct form.

I (to like)  lemonade very much.

The girls always (to listen)  to pop music.

Janet never (to wear)  jeans.

Mr Smith (to teach)  Spanish and French.

You (to do)  your homework after school.







Negative Sentences    Make negative sentences.

My father makes breakfast. →

They are eleven. →

She writes a letter. →

I speak Italian. →

Danny phones his father on Sundays. →

Questions     Make questions.

you / to speak / English →

when / he / to go / home →

they / to clean / the bathroom →

where / she / to ride / her bike → 

Billy / to work / in the supermarket → 

Signal Words

Find the signal words for simple present.

Which is a signal word for simple present?
 now  last Monday  often

Which is a signal word for simple present?
sometimes  at the moment  yesterday

Which is a signal word for simple present?
last Friday  every Friday  next Friday

Which is not a signal word for simple present?
never  already  usually

Which is not a signal word for simple present?
Listen!  first … then …  seldom

Teacher:  Children, I have just got an audio letter from the President World Protecting Environment. He gives us some information and suggests some important rules to protect environment. Listen to him and fill in the sentences  — True or False?

  1. Exercise 5 Tapescript.
  2. 8. Work by cards — True or False?
   True  False
a)The world is beautiful  
b)Some people the destroyment

c) People walk on the mountains

d)They destroy the grass  
e) They dump their rubbish on the mountains every year.  
f) In Kazakhstan on the Zhaiyk River the factories pollute the river with dirty water.  
g) We help the environment a lot.







  1. 9. I’ll give you punch cards. There are 9 tests on the interactive board about

Kazakhstan . Write down the answers of the test on this square . When you connect  the answers “ A “ , you will draw a  geometrical figure.



  1. The Akhorda is
  2. a) London b) Astana

c)in Almaty                           d) near Astana

2.London is

  1. a) in Great Britain b) in Asia
  2. c) the USA d) Colorado




  1. How’s the weather in Almaty today?
  2. a) windy b) it’s sunny
  3. c) cloud d) rain


  1. What is the official language of Kazakhstan?
  2. a) Kazakh            b) Russian
  3. c) English d) Turkish


5.What is Aspen , Colorado?

  1. a) It ‘s in Asia b) city
  2. c) It’s in Great Britain d) It’s in the USA


  1. In Kazakhstan, Alatau mountains are
  2. in the south c) in the west
  3. c) in the north                       d)  south


7.Where is the Zhaik river?

  1. a) It’s in north of Kazakhstan b) in the east
  2. c) It’s in west of Kazakhstan        d) in the northeast


  1. What is the temperature in Astana?
  2. a) It’s 20 c b) It’s a very old city
  3. c) I’d like to visit Astana d) It’s beautiful


  1. ……….. is the capital of Kazakhstan
  2. a) Almaty b) Astana
  3. c) Asia d) Kyzylorda









  1. 10. Consolidation of the new material

Checking students‘ knowledge with the help of tests and a punch card.


B  A  C
A  d  A
C  A  B



11.At the end of the lesson children draw  their life tree and wrote their wishes

 for nature on the leaves.