How is the weather in…?



Сабақтың тақырыбы: How is the weather in…?

Сабақтың мақсаттары:

  1. Білімділік

Оқушылардың білімдерін шыңдай түсу. Ауа- райы ,жыл мезгілдері туралы сөйлету. Мәтін бойынша жаттығулармен жұмыс жасауға баулу. Табиғат құбылыстарын байқауға үйрету.

  1. Дамытушылық.

Оқытудың жаңа технологияларын енгізу негізінде оқушылардың ағылшын тіліне қызығушылығын арттырып, шығармашылығын дамыту.


Топпен, жеке жұмыс жасай білуге бейiмдеу ұжымшылдыққа тәрбиелеп, шығармашылығын дамыту.

Сабақтың түрі: Сайыс сабақ

Сабақтың типі:  :Жаңа білім беру сабақ

Сабақтың әдісі: Сұрақ- жауап, түсіндіру, репродуктивті  әдіс, кроссворд, еркін жазу, ойын.

Сабақтың көрнекілігі: слайдтар, сөздік, оқулық, жыл мезгілдерінің суреттері, кроссворд., таблица, ағаш, жапырақтар.

Пәнаралық байланыс: география, табиғаттану.


Сабақтың барысы:

  1. Organization moment.

T- Good afternoon, children!

How are you?

What date is it today?

What day is it today?

What month is it now?

What season is it now?

II     Checking up the homework. Ex 12p143 Write an essay “ My fantasy island.”.

This is a fantasy island. I like to dream about it. I think it’s beautiful.It has high mountains, a beautiful beach and green forests. At night, when my room is dark, I close my eyes and dream about my island. I’d like to go there some day and build a house.


III  Warm-up. Before beginning my new lesson I want to play a language game: Ex 2 p 144. “World Geography”. Match these words and names.


The… Sea                                                    The …. Mountains

The …… River                                              lake

The ….. Desert                                             The…… Forest


Alakol         Zhaikh         Kapshagai         Zayliyskiy        Alatau

Ertis             Karatau     Caspian            Balkhash

Ile                 Sarysu        Aral                  Karakum


  1. A crossword . The answers of these words you must find by showing these pictures and saying the translation of these words.


                                W i n t e r

S u m m   E r

                                 A s t a n a

                                 T i e

S H o e s

                                j E a n s

S w e a t e R


V.Presentation of the new  theme.

Dear children, our today lesson’s theme is “How is the weather in…?” It may be translated as:” Ауа райы қаңдай?” The class divide into two groups.  The first group’s name is “Rain”. The second group’s name is “Snow”.

T- Today we’ll speak about weather. Look at this slide!  Open your vocabulary notes and write down the new words


  1. Presentation and pronunciation of the new words.

It’s snowing- Қар жауып тұр.

It’s raining- Жаңбыр жауып тұр.

It’s sunny- Күн шуақты.

It’s cloudy- Бұлтты.

It’s windy- Желді.


VII. Group work. Ex 6 p145 . Write the correct word under each symbol.


Sunny    raining       windy       snowing     cloudy       foggy

VIII. Physical exercise.

T- I see that you are tired.Let’s do some physical exercises. One pupil will come to the board and shows the movements. Other pupils will repeat.

Stand up!

Stand still!

Hands up!

Hands down!

Hands on hips!

Bend to the right,-

Bend to the left,

Bend your head,

Hands up,

Hands down,

Sit down.



  1. Reading and speaking.

I have some pictures. You must say the weather in these countries.

What is the weather like in  Kazakhstan? It is sunny and windy.

What is the weather like in France? It  is warm and rainy.

What is the weather like in Asia?  It is hot and dry.

  1. Writing.

T- Come in.(есік қағылады).

The postman: I have two letters for your class.

T- Oh, thank you. Now what do we have in here? Ah, the first letter is from Aldar kose. Let’s read it. “My name is Aldar Kose. I like to do many things. Help us please. You must complete the answers”.


Ex 8 p 146.

What is the weather like today in London? It is sunny, 18 degrees above zero…

World Weather:                                                        Today
London            S                                                     +18

Berlin               C                                                    +7

Rome                R                                                    +10

Moscow            Fg                                                  +15

S=sunny, C= cloudy, Fg= foggy ,R= raining,

Sn= snowing.


  1. A game.

T- What is the weather now?

Pp — The weather is fine, the trees are green.

T-Yes, you are right. I’ ll give you some cards (in the shape of leaves) and we’ll play the game. “Green the trees.”

Теректі жасыл жапыраққа толтыру керек. Ол үшін мына жапырақта сөздер тұр. Кім соған дұрыс аударма берсе, сол оқушы жапырақты мына терекке ілу керек.

Sunny- күн шуақты

Rainy- жаңбырлы

Cloudy- бұлтты

Snowing- қарлы

Foggy- тұманды

Windy- желді

Hot- ыстық

Warm- жылы

Cold- суық

Wet- ылғал

Dry- құрғақ

Weather –ауа- райы

XII. Drawing picture.

T-The second letter is from Hodja Nasredin. Let’s read it. Hello! I am Hodja Nasredin. I like drawing. I have a picture. My task for you is to draw a picture.

T- It is summer. The weather is good. The grass is green. There is a nice house. There are many flowers. The flowers are yellow, orange, blue and red. To the left there is a big tree. The tree is green. Near the tree there is a  boy. He is playing with a ball.

XIII. Conclusion.

Spring is green.

Summer is bright.

Autumn is yellow.

Winter is white.

XIV. Giving marks.

  1. Homework: Ex 11p146 Read a newspaper and find out the weather in Kazakhstan.