The theme of the lesson: Where do they come from? Animals and inhabitants

The theme of the lesson: Where do they come from? Animals and inhabitants

II The aim of the lesson:

1 Educational: To be able to speak about the animals and inhabitants to teach

pupils to work creating and introduce new words, expressions according to

the theme

2 Development : to develop pupils’ speech in speaking, reading, writing,

logical thinking

3 Upbringing: to bring them up to love the animals and to care of the nature

III Visual aids: pictures, interwrite  board , computer

IV  The type of the lesson:

V The methods of the lesson: answer –question

The procedure of the lesson

I Org . moment :

-Good morning boys and girls! I am glad to see you ! Sit down!

— Who is on duty today?

-Who is absent?

— What is the day today?

-What is the  date today?

-What is the weather like today?

Today we’ll speak about animals and their inhabitants

II Warm-up: a. Ask children to name as many animals as they can

III Work with the new words: sea, mountains, whales, pandas, deserts, forests, rivers, parrots, bears, hippos, camels, snakes, eagles, sharks, lions

1 Repeat the new words after the teacher and divided these words into two parts:

animals and inhabitants


Inhabitants: sea, mountains, deserts, forests, deserts, forests,

IV Phonetic drill exercise: A song “Heads and shoulders”

V Listening and reading: Tape 42  (open your books and listen the tape the exercise and read )

  1. Presentation:
  2. a) Look! The sea. Whales live in the sea. They are big. They like cold water.
  3. b) Look! Deserts. There snakes like hot deserts
  4. c) Look! Mountains. Pandas live in mountains. They are very nice.
  5. d) Look! Forests. Bears live in the forests. They are big.
  6. e) Look! Rivers. Crocodiles live in rivers. They have sharp teeth.
  7. f) Look! The snow. White bears. They like the snow. They are very big, forests,

VII Speaking: Where do they live? (slide)












Sea, river, mountains, forest, deserts,   (суреттер)  (1 eagles 2 sharks 3 bears 4 hippos 5 camels)

Questions: What’s this?

Where do they live?

Can they fly?

Can they swim?

Are they big?

Do you like them?

VIII Let’s sing a song: “The lion sleeps tonight”

IX       What is the song about?

It’s about the lion. Where do they live? They live in the jungle. What kind of animal are there? They are big. They have sharp teeth. They have four legs.

X Speaking: Where do they come from? The world map (look and read) America China, Australia, Africa, India, The North Pole, the South pole

XI Pair work:  make up dialogue

XII Writing   Write short composition

XIII Conclusion

XIV Home task

XV Giving marks

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