The theme: First people

The theme: First people

The aims:

  • The pupils will be able to know about the first people;
  • To develop pupils‘ speaking, reading, writing abilities
  • To enlarge pupils’ outlook on history
  1. moment
  2. Warm up. Your associations about the first people:


Village                Tents                Tools

Cave                                                                             Necklace








Blankets                      Hunter                       Spear


  • Sing a song: We’re going on a picnic

Children:  We’re going on a picnic

Leaving right away,

We’re going to stay all day.

Dad:          Would you like some ice cream?

Children:    Yes, we’d like ice cream.

Dad:           Would you like some salad?

Children:     Yes, we’d like some salad.

Children:     Ready for a picnic. Here we go!

Dad:            Would you like some melon?

Children:      Yes, we’d like some melon.


  1. Answer the question:
  2. Where were people first? (Africa)
  3. What was there? (water, trees)
  4. Where were people next? (Asia)
  5. Who was there? (hunters)
  6. What did they have? (spears)
  7. What was there? (fire) (trees) (tools)
  8. Where were people then? (Europe)
  9. What was there? (caves, clothes)
  10. Where were people later? (Australia, North and South America)
  11. What was there? (caves, tents) (rings, necklaces)
  12. What was there then? (villages) sheep, goats, blankets, pots, bread
  13. Who was there? (farmers)








  1. Put these words into the basket:





eggs                   nuts                 meat

bread                                                                sweets          cakes


cheese                                                biscuits

honey                                                            grapes

sugar                                                                            water                                    lollipops                  ice creams

butter                                                           leaves



  1. Fill in: was, were, had
  2. There … caves and warm clothes.
  3. He … a big farm.
  4. There … sheep and goats.
  5. They … farmers.
  6. They … spears.
  7. Nick … a tent.
  8. There … fire.
  • What did they eat?

Cakes, eggs, honey, ice cream, nuts, grapes, milk, orange juice, sweets, leaves, bread, water, lollipops, sugar, dates, meat.


There was        There wasn’t any       There were         There weren’t any

Word order game


  1. of on walls there caves the were.
  2. the many first people of had.
  3. eating for this was.
  4. Asia is from this.       
  5. was in there Asia.
  6. for women were there men and.






  • The conclusion:



To write a composition about the first people








Write the verbs in Past Simple:

  1. We … chickens (to have).
  2. You … at school yesterday (to be).
  3. He … a pony (to have).
  4. They … sheep and goats (to have).
  5. I … a policeman (to be).
  6. Nick … at the cinema ( to be).
  7. My mother and my father … in India (to be).




  1. David is reading an interesting book.
  2. I like swimming.
  3. I am going to ride a bike.
  4. He was at the cinema yesterday.
  5. My mother is going to buy me shoes.
  6. It was a nice sunny day.
  7. How much is the cheese?
  8. What are we going to do on Saturday?
  9. He is going to the shop.
  10. They can run across the bridge.
  11. We are going to go to the beach.
  12. School ends on the 25th of May.
  13. There were lots of people.
  14. He had many toys.
  15. Did she have a TV?
  16. He works in the old town.
  17. They are sleeping in the living room.
  18. She is teaching Maths.
  19. She is having a cup of tea.
  20. They are going to play with friends.


Circle the odd one out:

  1. Chair notebook cupboard table
  2. Daughter play eat read
  3. Round along go under
  4. Happy roof sad pretty


Find the opposites:


  1. Tall                                         sad
  2. Thin                                        old
  3. Heavy                                     curly
  4. Big                                          light
  5. Young                         short
  6. Happy                         small
  7. Straight                                  fat