My reflections about teaching English


My reflections about teaching English


What is a lesson? “45 minutes” anyone asked will say. But what do they mean for the teacher? Can anyone give an appropriate answer to this question? Only those, who are really interested in teaching, people something that they know. As for me it is a time of teaching and learning something new, although I have been teaching English for several years, I am still learning and seeking for information like an intending teacher.

Coming to the methods of second language teaching that I use in my work they are: grammar-translation, direct, audio-lingual, total physical response, presentation, practice and production. But why do I use only them? I often ask this question to myself because they are not the most effective methods which can help the teacher to achieve his main goal- to make students speak English fluently. That’s why I’m not fully satisfied with myself as an English teacher. From my point of view, they can give students only grammar and lexica develop their reading and writing skills. The students taught by these methods only can read and translate from one language into another, write something but they are lack of communicative skills which are demands of nowadays’ society and living standards of a prosperous country.

Being a constant seeker of new methods and techniques of teaching English as a foreign language I would like to use such kind of methods as natural approach, silent way, suggestopedia and communicative language teaching in addition to those which I have already been using. To my mind, the methods, which I have mentioned before, will make teaching process more interesting and fascinating. Students will be involved in the atmosphere of the target language full of wonders and undiscovered treasures of an English speaking world which will make student look for and find something new. With the help of these methods teacher will be able to develop in students such qualities as communication and self expression.

But what is the role of culture in teaching process? How does it influence upon the methods and techniques used in it? First of all, let us define what the word “culture” means. From my point view, it is a reflection of country’s traditions and customs which plays one of the main roles in educational system. Because the contents of any book you take will be connected with the culture of the country. As, the book, for example, issued in Kazakhstan, can not only about American people’s customs and traditions. As I consider the usage of such method as silent way in teaching process contradicts our culture. Because students are more free in expression their thoughts and beliefs, no role of the teacher. According to our culture teacher is the main authority in the classroom, as what is said and done by him is always right. Only teacher can initiate no students’ initiation in teaching process. And I fully disagree with it as every person should have an opportunity to express his point of view freely.